About Us


Being passionate about both events and veganism is what has driven us to start running our events across the UK. Enabling us to connect the growing vegan interest with vegan businesses, ideas and people. Alongside our events being organised, fun and exciting we aim to spread the environmental message far and wide in an engaging and empowering way.

Our events are local events, showcasing local businesses to local people.

Having a strong local, community focus is something that's really important to us. Shopping local builds communities, boosts the local economy and your shopping will likely have a lower carbon footprint.

Since starting our events we have seen many new businesses use our events as a platform to launch themselves into the vegan market. A big part of what we do is supporting and championing local businesses who promote Vegan products and lifestyles and help them reach a wider audience by trading at our events. Being able to support upcoming businesses is something that is important to us and that’s why we pride ourselves on being able to offer reasonable stall fees to those that need it.

We bring vegan fairs and markets to Towns of all shapes and sizes and more often that not our events are the first of their kind in the towns we operate in. We think it is important to spread the peaceful, vegan message as far and wide as possible and to engage with local people.

Our events are open to people from all walks of life. We encourage non-vegans to come along and learn about veganism, browse vegan products and try the delicious food on offer. Our events also have a laid back, family-friendly feel about them so families are more than welcome to bring their little ones along.

Our first event took place in January 2018 in Stroud and has now become a biannual market there with the summer event taking place across two sites in the town centre and a range of local businesses opting to “go vegan” for the day.

Other events we run include: Cirencester Vegan Fair, Louth Vegan Fair, Chepstow Vegan Fair and Newbury Vegan Market.

If you live in a town that you think should have its own Vegan Fair please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


Daisy Botha, Event Organiser